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Set an away message in Roundcube webmail

If you are using Heritage webmail, you can set your own vacation response using Roundcube sieve filters. This message will automatically send to anyone who emails you while you are out of the office.

Step 1: Access sieve filters

Navigate to your sieve filters settings area by clicking Settings > Filters through the left-sidebar menu

Step 2: Set the filter

Click “Create” to make a new filter

Create a name for your filter, and enable it with the little blue “light switch.”

Select “All messages” next to Scope to ensure that the vacation message puts out a response to each email you receive while you are away.

Under Actions, choose the option “Reply with message“.

Now, you are ready to write your away message in the Message body

Message subject is what will appear in the subject line of the automatic email.

The reply sender address can be set, or left blank to use your email address. 

My e-mail addresses lists whatever email addresses you included in the “Identities” section of Settings. You can fill it in by clicking the blue “fill with all my addresses”. It can also be left blank

How often send messages indicates how often someone will receive this away message, if they keep emailing you. It can be left blank, but it is recommended you make it at least one day, especially if you tend to get a lot of spam. 

Step 3: Save response

After your message is all ready, click Save to activate the filter.  It will now show up in a list to the left.

Step 4: Back to work

Don’t forget to turn this filter off when you get back to work! Just click on the filter again and turn off the “Filter enabled” switch.

Step 5: Use it again

You can click on the filter, edit it however you like, and re-enable it to use it the next time you are out of the office. Don’t forget to save changes!