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1) Infection control Hand Hygiene Education  (03:50)

2) Customer Service     (10:12)

3) Transfer with EZ Stand       (06:26)

5) Universal sling with head support cross leg sling use with hoyer lift   (05:46)

6)  Covid-19  How to properly use and re-use a surgical mask.  Your mask must be stored in a paper bag when not in use.  Do not use a sealed zip lock baggie.  (05:04)

7) Covid-19  Donning and doffing PPE.  How to put on and take off PPE correctly.   (04:32)

8) Covid-19   Proper hand washing.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds, enough time to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.    (03:41)

9) Covid-19  Proper way to use hand sanitizer

10) How to apply and fit N95 respirator mask.   (02:59)

11) Dementia     (06:36)