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Inside Visits with our Residents

All buildings are back open for normal visitation!

Visitation is no longer restricted for our residents. Please go to the Rembrandt front door and use our touchscreen kiosk inside the door to sign in. Just press “sign-in,” then choose “Family or Guest,” and read and answer the questions carefully. Once the health screening is done, the kiosk will print you a name badge you should wear during your visit so everyone knows you are checked in. Visitors must still wear a mask, social distance, and practice good hygiene. More details can be found here

Beauty Shop

The Manor Beauty Shop is open 8:30-5:00, Saturday-Monday. Services and pricing can be found here

New License Documentation

New Patient Bill of Rights and Uniform Disclosure of Assisted Living Services and Amenities

The documents below are not a contracts or agreements, merely an acknowledgement that you have read and received an updated copy of the Bill of Rights and the UDALSA (both contained within) which we are required to make available to all residents and their families. Once signed and confirmed, you will be able to view/print/download a copy of both of these for your records.

Choose one of the options below, and enter your name and email address.  You must use a valid email – as a part of the signing process, you will receive a confirmation email.

 The signature is ONLY complete when you click “Confirm Document” in the confirmation email.